Who We Are

We are 110-plus Missouri farmer-investors who believe that the natural food movement is one of the more fundamental shifts to occur in the history of the food industry. We are also strategic equity partners with an Iowa-based company that was at the forefront of this shift, American Natural Processors Inc. (ANP), one of the first and largest natural processors in the U.S. Together, we believe Missouri is ideally situated to be a hub of natural food growth.

MNC was founded by its CEO, Pat Conners, and local farmer Jim Beckley, who both sit on the Board of Directors. In total, the Board is comprised of five Missouri farmers and four independent business professionals who have extensive career experience in the food and agriculture industries.

“Our goal is to build a team of people who believe what we believe,” Conners said in 2021 as MNC was becoming operational. “Whether it be to live healthier or to eat heartier, we believe in special foods. And special foods start with special ingredients.”

To forge farm-to-table partnerships that promote healthy lifestyles. Healthier food begins with healthier feed. It’s a noble pursuit, and it starts with the special soybeans provided by our non-GMO and Organic farmers. We invite you to join our cause.