What is Moberly Natural Crush, LLC.?

Moberly Natural Crush, LLC., (MNC) is a startup natural food company that will produce specialty soybean meal and oil to be sold to producers of natural food products. Specifically the company plans to process non-GMO and organic soybeans, including SOYLEIC™, the first non-GMO soybean with the High Oleic trait, developed by the University of Missouri and the Missouri Soybean Council. Today SOYLEIC™ is building its seed foundation, and we expect Missouri farmers to have access to 350,000 units in 2021. Because there is a premium for High Oleic oil and non-GMO meal, this represents an exciting, new premium opportunity for Missouri farmers.


In March, 2019, MNC completed Phase One of its three-stage equity drive, raising $235,000 in equity investment. It used the proceeds to purchase the existing Crush plant infrastructure and property at 609 West Fowler Road in Moberly, which includes a 100,000 bushel grain bin, an 800-ton meal bin, a load-in-load-out station, various elevators and legs and a 12,000 square foot building designed for soybean processing. The facility sits on seven acres in Moberly’s industrial park, with rail access and easy access to State Highways 63 and 24, and the assets have an estimated value of $2.1 million according to a third-party feasibility study commissioned by the Missouri Soybean Association.


Presently in 2019, we are seeking investors to fund our Phase Two equity offering. Our goal is to raise $5 million to purchase the soybean crush and oil refinery equipment necessary to operate it at a capacity of 96 tons a day – that represents approximately 1.2 million bushels a year. The company plans to be a “Missouri Farmer controlled” entity, and to that end, it is primarily soliciting Missouri agricultural producers. This will allow the company to receive a $1.5 million New Generation Cooperative Incentive tax credits to be transferred to Missouri farmer investors. MNC has been contingently approved for this tax credit.


By 2022, MNC will embark on a Phase Three equity drive with the goal of raising $7 million to double its capacity and expand its infrastructure. To learn more about this investment opportunity, we are happy to discuss in person, and we invite you to attend our Investor Meetings, a schedule can be found here. (hotlink) To discuss in person, please fill out

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