Why choose to Naturally Crush?
  • It is More Nutritious
  • It Tastes Better
  • Your Customer Expects it
You read that right. By design, naturally processed soybean meal is the most nutritious meal that you can source for your animals – extensive feeding trials and lab testing have borne this out.
Technically speaking, Moberly Natural Crush uses a high-shear, dry extrusion process that minimizes the time at high temperatures while still providing a thorough cook. This timing aspect is critical, because nutrients – especially the amino acids in protein such as lysine – cannot withstand cooking for longer than a minute.
  • The protein is easier to digest. Because the protein cell structure has been perfectly ruptured, the amino acids are more easily absorbed through the animal’s intestine – maximizing body weight gain.
  • Faster growth equals fewer days to market.
  • Naturally processed meal tends to contain 6%-to-8% residual oil content, which allows you to remove other sources of oil and fat from the ration.
  • This also provides the animal with more metabolizable energy for growth.
  • The Natural Process de-activates naturally occurring anti-nutritional factors, such as trypsin inhibitors, that hinder digestion and performance.

While our equipment is modernized and sophisticated, our process is as old as the millstone. There are no chemicals in our process, nor steps to wash the chemicals out of the meal. Therefore, all Certified
Organic soybeans are processed exclusively through Natural Crush facilities because they can not be in contact with chemicals ever.

Conventional soybeans are typically processed in large hexane extraction plants owned by the Big Food companies, and it is important to understand that the meal – specifically the amino acids – is not as digestible. Amino acids are the building blocks that make up protein, and they are sensitive to heat. In the hexane plants, their heating process – called desolventizing-toasting – takes about 30 minutes, during which time a portion of the amino acids are damaged and rendered indigestible. You are paying for protein that will become fertilizer.

For the animals, fat-free meal is less desirable. MNC’s meal naturally retains a fat content of 6%-to-8% which gives the animal higher metabolized energy promoting faster growth.

We have discerning customers, like this Duroc-Yorkshire breed of hog pictured here at the Kellog Brothers Farm near Middle Grove, MO.

If a human nose can smell the difference between Naturally Crushed soybean meal versus conventional meal that comes from the big chemical plants, don’t you suppose the hog can taste the difference?

The answer seems obvious, but just to check, we conducted an experiment. In a pen at the Kellog Brothers Farm, we filled three feed bins: two with meal that was Naturally Crushed, another with a chemically processed meal.

As the hogs began to recognize the difference, one by one, their behavior visibly changed. Their preference for the Naturally Crushed meal was a slam dunk.

This soybean is special because it has never been genetically modified. Its destiny is the shelf of a specialty food market or feed mill.

Ultimately, the natural food consumer has discerned that spending more is worth it. Yet … not all non-GMO soybeans are processed equally. Some non-GMO soybeans are processed in chemical plants. (Certified ORGANIC soybeans are NEVER processed in chemical plants.)

As we discovered when we interviewed attendees at the Natural Products expo, the natural food consumer expects that the entire process is natural. We encourage our partners to use a Hexane Free logo on their packaging.