Good Meat Starts Here

Competition Barbecue is about many things – the cooking technique, the wood, the secret meat rub, the sweet and spicy glazes. But the most important part is THE MEAT!

We believe that GOOD MEAT STARTS HERE at Moberly Natural Crush. Our soybean meal is a premium feed source intended for premium bred animals intended for premium meat marketplaces.

Helping us stay close to the action is our partnership with one of Missouri’s top Pitmasters, Mark Brady, and his team Los Hermanos de Carne (translated, The Meat Brothers). As the competition circuit has become increasingly more popular, so has the competition of sourcing the meat.

“When we first started competing (30+ years ago) it was all about how can we take commodity meat and make it special.” Brady said. “In today’s hyper-competitive circuit, every team out here is competing with super-premium cuts of meat. It’s about how can we take specialty meat and make it extra special.”

If you are a specialty producer who would like to partner with Los Hermanos de Carne, you are welcome to inquire with MNC.