Bottom line, the soybean meal from Moberly Natural Crush is better for your animals than conventional meal. It’s more nutritious, it’s easier to digest, and it doesn’t come with that funky hexane smell. It’s 100% Natural Crush.

At the heart of MNC’s processing operation will be our ExPress® system. After the initial crushing into small fragments, the soybeans are forced through what is called a “high shear dry extrusion” process that generates heat through friction only. There is no external heat or chemicals in the process, and the short cooking time optimizes the nutritional value.

From there, the meal is conveyed to a Press where we physically separate the oil from the meal. The Big Food companies use Hexane to chemically isolate the oil form the meal. (Hexane is a carcinogen and a highly explosive neurotoxic chemical, and this process is not allowed for the processing of “Certified Organic” meal and oil.)